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Canon SELPHY CP910 Compact Photo Printer Review

Canon SELPHY CP910
Canon Selphy CP910 is compact photo printer that you see. CP910 an upgrade of the CP900 photo printer with its new Access Point Mode, the printer allows you to directly connect your wireless camera or smart device without the need of a network. Access Point Mode simplifies printing your photos than ever to not be dependent on the network. In addition, Lightweight and compact in size, the Selphy CP910 is easy to take just about anywhere. The printer may be contained in bags fit to carry around. The printer is suitable for printing photos while you're traveling or at parties need to print photos quickly.

The first impression of the Canon Selphy CP910 is very small size. With 5 x 4 x 2.4 inches size and weighs only 1,8 £ (excluding tray and roll ink), the printer may be carry around. Tray is designed very convenient, supports a maximum paper size of 10 x 15 cm prints Canon's dedicated and papers postcard, sticker... This tray capacity 18 sheets of photo paper 10 x 15 cm, can be easily removable by hand. Selphy CP910 used 24V power and adapter included. In addition, Canon also offers removable rechargeable battery so you can print where there is no power. Screen 2.7-inch color LCD can be flipped up and down with the control key sequences on the upper side. Front edge with CF card reader and SD / MMC separately. Canon Selphy CP910 dye sublimation using thermal ink ribbon type coils, each coil ink can print 10 x 15cm 36 photos. What's more it's Air Print enabled, making wireless printing from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch almost effortless. No drivers are needed. Mobile Device Printing allows images on compatible iOS, Android and Windows RT devices to be sent directly to the printer as well.


Easy Setup

I can tell you that only a few steps you can simply set the CP910 to print photos. Open the cover on the side panel and slide the dye roll in, load paper in the paper tray, and insert the tray in the front, which adds about seven inches to the printer's depth. You can then plug in the power adapter or connect the battery. In addition, you want to print from a computer, you first install the printer driver from the bundled disc and connect by USB cable or Wi-Fi. You absolutely can set the printer without assistance. It's really very easy solution for printing and rarely occurred.

Easy to use

Selphy CP910 assist you in editing images with a certain number of functions and necessary. You can rotate the LCD screen 2.7-inch to make the display easier to read. On the cover with the function keys integrated support for editing your photos. You can print immediately from a camera supporting PictBridge by connecting to it by cable or by Wireless PictBridge. You can also plug in a memory card or USB key and print using the built-in menu system. As is standard for dedicated photo printers, the menus offer some basic, self-explanatory editing features, such as letting you crop the image.

Fast Print Speed

Except for the phone, the speed was nearly the same in all cases, with our standard test photos printed from the computer averaging 1 minute 1 second, and all other photos from the camera, USB key, and memory card taking between 54 seconds and 1:01. This speed is essentially the same as Canon CP900. However, both the Epson PictureMate Show and the Epson PictureMate Charm are a bit faster, averaging 41 seconds for printing from a computer. But printing speed is not enough to become a problem.


For mobile printing, the CP910 supports AirPrint. Setting up a direct wireless connection with Access Point mode the first time is much like setting up a Bluetooth connection between your phone and car audio system. Once it's set up, your phone will find the printer whenever the two are close by and powered on, letting you print simply by launching the app, picking one or more photos, and giving the print command.

Customer Reviews

Canon SELPHY CP910


When I reviewed the Canon CP900, I said I'd be a lot more enthusiastic about it if it included Wi-Fi Direct. The CP910 still lacks Wi-Fi Direct, but Canon's Access Point mode looks, works, and acts the same way, making it fully equivalent and making me suitably more enthusiastic. In addition, the Selphy CP910 is only capable of printing images of size 4 "x 6". Therefore, you should consider carefully before buy products to provide the best for your printing needs.


Canon Selphy CP910 is the perfect choice when printing in different places. It is appropriate to move easier. You can print photos from anywhere you like. The quality of the print is very good because it uses Dye Sublimation printing technology. It is suitable for printing family or friends to create the album and its price is very good.

HP PhotoSmart 375 Compact Photo Printer Review

HP PhotoSmart 375
HP Photosmart375 is the upgraded version of the HP Photosmart 325, has a sleek, portable design, card slots for direct printing. If you are a fan of HP and not satisfied with the previous version, then you should consider Photosmart 375. You want a photo printer quality and efficiency to create your own album, it is a not bad choice.

This printer offers nearly any feature you could want in a dedicated photo printer. It's easy printing and sharing photos 4-by-6-inch almost anywhere, it is designed to fit conveniently move. It's can print without a computer, all it takes just the PictBridge cameras or memory cards. Conveniently print crisp, true-to-life 4-by-6-inch color photos with up to 4,800-optimized dpi color. In addition, a 2.5-inch LCD to preview photos; a kiosk-style menu to let you crop, edit, and print multiple photos per page; and more.


  • Organize, edit, enhance, and fix digital photos on your computer with HP Image Zone Software.
  • Get professional-quality black and white photos with richer blacks and grays are available with the purchase of HP 100 gray photo inkjet print cartridge (sold separately).
  • Preview, select, and enhance photos before your print. The adjustable 2.5-inch flip-up image display and buttons make it easy to rotate, crop, zoom, and fix red-eye on photos and digital camera video clips, and to delete unwanted shots from memory cards.
  • Print 4-by-6-inch color photos with or without your computer using camera memory cards or direct print with the front USB port and PictBridge-enabled cameras.
  • Print 4-by-6-inch color photos from digital camera video clips. Use your camera's memory card and the printer's large, adjustable 2.5-inch color image display to view, select, and print a nine-photo sequence or a single digital video frame.
  • Print photos from camera phones or other Bluetooth wireless technology devices.
  • Print photos quickly. Why wait for your pictures? Capture every memory and every moment of fun--as it happens. HP's PhotoSmart 375 delivers fast, true-to-life color photos that you print and share in about 60 seconds. (All reported speeds are maximums [fastest possible]. Actual speeds will vary.)
  • HP's SureSupply notifies you when it is time to replace your print cartridge and helps you to purchase locally or via the internet.

Customer Reviews

HP PhotoSmart 375

Pros and Cons

The advantages are many customers prefer this product is that it can be printed with a variety of connected devices: computers, PictBridge cameras, and six types of memory cards. LCD for previewing photos and providing a full set of kiosk-style controls. But some of the shortcomings of this product is blurry images if they get wet. It is recommended that you must preserve its image carefully.


HP Photosmart 375 is a compact photo printer worth using, as well as provides excellent image quality. If you are looking for a printer that prints 6x4 inch of your digital camera, the HP Photosmart 375 then surely in your shopping list. If you also want a printer without a PC to operate and can be connected to multiple devices in different ways, then there is even more reason to consider the HP Photosmart 375.

Canon Selphy ES30 Compact Photo Printer Review

Canon Selphy ES30
Canon Selphy ES30 is also a compact photo printer that comes with a 3.5-inch LCD screen. Using Canon's Easy-Scroll wheel, you can browse through your pictures and make some minor adjustments as well. The dedicated buttons also allow you to add text, clip arts, and picture frames. The Selphy ES30 is equipped with a built-in memory of 1GB that allows you to store your photos right in your printer. You can print photos in credit card sizes and postcard sizes through PictBridge, Infrared, or Bluetooth.

The super-portable Selphy ES30 does, and this enables you print amazing photos from room to room - without a computer! Just insert a compatible memory card into one of the handy card slots, preview images on the high-resolution 3.0 inch color LCD display, then print! You can also print directly from compatible digital cameras and mobile phones, or from a Bluetooth device via the optional BU-30 Bluetooth interface.


Speed & Quality

You're going to see great results, fast: A beautiful 4" x 6" print, with vivid colors and high detail, takes only about 55 seconds. Using optional Canon gold or silver inks, you can add custom frames and clip art onto your most memorable shots, creating a lasting keepsake for loved ones. It's perfect for producing your own photos and greeting cards featuring babies, weddings, graduations and anniversaries, and more.

Ease of Use

Ready to go print some pictures? With the super-portable SELPHY ES30, it's simple—just grab the easy-carry handle and go. The Easy-Scroll Wheel and large, colored buttons make operation a snap, and the high-resolution 3.0" LCD display lets you preview images and quickly find the printer function you want. Automatic image enhancement optimizes the brightness and contrast of your photos, and red-eye correction instantly improves your "people pictures". The SELPHY ES30 provides colorful frames, clip art, and effects to enhance your photos, along with a range of templates for creating personalized calendars showcasing your best and favorite images.


With the SELPHY ES30, you don't need a computer to print photos! It's compatible with 20 types of camera memory cards; just insert your card,or a friend's into one of the well-marked card slots, preview the images on the large color display, then print! You can also print directly from compatible digital cameras, or from compatible Bluetooth devices via the optional BU-30 Bluetooth interface.

Gold and Silver Ink Cartridges

Special color printing for postcard size ES3 and ES30 only. When using the gold and silver cartridges, they will make your creative prints with select borders, frames and clip-art especially unique! Great for the holidays or making your scrapbook layouts pop.

Customer review

Canon Selphy ES30


  • Easy To Use
  • Easy Setup
  • Compact Design 
  • Sharp Tones & Colors
  • Lightweight/Portable


  • Slow Print Speed
  • High Ink Consumption 
  • Can't Find Refills Locally 
  • Doesn't Work On A Battery 
  • Heavy/Bulky


With Canon Selphy ES30, you can easily move it at your convenience and does not take too much effort. It really suited for trips when you need to print a beautiful photo for family or friends. The picture quality is great for you the most vivid images. Canon Selphy ES30 is a perfect choice for you.